Eve of The EU Referendum but I will always love you

Eve of The EU Referendum but I will always love you

EU REFERENDUM. White office desk

After months, no in fact years, it is The Eve of the EU Referendum and I am a little sad about it all to be totally honest.

So many negative comments, so many people in opposing sides, parties turning inwards, arguing passionately about why you should vote to stay in the EU and others why you should vote to come out of the EU.

I could call is passion, but sadly now I feel it on the verge of breaking friendships.

We all get a chance to Vote, I really honestly believe we should use our votes, to make our voices heard.

Referendum. Brexit. Flags of the United Kingdom and the European Union. UK Flag and EU Flag. British Union Jack flag. Flag outside inside stars. England appearances in the European Union.

I have heard arguments, for and against, I have seen people write how they will hold those accountable, if the vote does not go there way, as thanks to social media, who you are standing by, is often shared and shouted about, in the hope that others will join your side.

I have kept quiet, I have been watching and observing, I have seen some awful things thrown about, some untruths told and highlighting issues that are not true, all because they want you to stand with there choices.

This is about all of our freedom to have a vote, be it IN or OUT.

the hands of a young woman patterned with the flag of the United Kingdom and the European Community forming a heart, with a vignette added
I will always love you no matter what!

I just want to say to my fellow countrymen and women, that no matter what YOU VOTE, I will always love you.

I will not hold it against you, I will respect that you have your own mind and can decide for yourself which way you will be voting.

I am writing this upset seeing so many negative posts, so many people thinking the worst about others.

STOP, for after tomorrow, no matter what, the decision will be made and I will still love you, I will still love my country and be proud to be British, I am proud I live here and yet I have always classed myself as a human of the world too, for we are so lucky to have our beautiful planet, please if anything comes from this, let it be for us all to live with tolerance and compassion, sadly it has been lacking of late, but come Friday, let us all once again get back to loving our neighbours, loving our diversity and families.

What ever You Vote, IN or OUT know I will always Love you.

What ever happens tomorrow, let us all still be friends!

Y Glider Deluxe review

Y Glider Deluxe review

We were asked if we would like to test a scooter out the Y Glider Deluxe from Yvolution.

June 2016 scooter flood 1533 June 2016 scooter flood 1536June 2016 scooter flood 1538June 2016 scooter flood 1540June 2016 scooter flood 1543

My son Edward I thought would be perfect for this, as he loves being outside and when tired, you can always get him to go a bit further if using some wheels to help, so a scooter would be great.

We received the Y Glider Deluxe, which was a surprise as we were expecting the YGlider XL, but on opening the box we were pleased that it looked so sturdy. I was just about to take it round to my nephew to test it out for us, but luckily took it out the box and put it together at our home, to discover it was a good size and although the age recommendations say from 3 plus so I was thinking Edward at age 5 might be too big, but guess what, he is not, it is in fact a great fit for Edward and I can tell you his little face was so excited to be able to test it out.

It was just two pieces that click together, so incredibly easy to fix it up, and off the children can go scooting around.

June 2016 scooter flood 1577

The Summer is here, the weather is being typically British having some days full of rain and yet others brilliantly sunny, so on the days that are lovely and dry, it is great to get out in the fresh air and spend as much time outside as possible, I find it so important to get the children to spend as much time outside as possible and having a scooter is a great chance to get some fun, exercise and vitamin d too.

Summer time is a wonderful time to buy new outside toys, be it scooters, bikes or outside play houses, sand pits or water tables.

Scooter June 2016 097

When scooting, I think it the perfect time to instill in my children the rule to playing safely, so when on bikes, scooters too should be the time to wear safety equipment. Edward wears his helmet to help protect him from any tumbles, or as he tells me crash bangs. So two rules with scooting, always wear a helmet and closed toe shoes, as although he would like to wear his flip flops, it just is not safe, so trainers are his choice of safety footwear.

Scooter June 2016 109

This Y Glider is just one of the products that Yvolution have and they are a great brand that I am hearing more and more good things about, but seeing and trying out the Y Glider deluxe, we are won over, I was skeptical it would be as sturdy and well made as it looked, but it really is well made and Edward assures me it is great fun to scoot around on.

To see other products by www.yvolution.com/


We were sent this to review and everything written about the scooter is by myself, the page owner, editor and with the help of the main tester Edward aged 5. 

Flash Flooding threat to our Home

Flash Flooding threat to our Home.

What a panic Friday 17th June turned out to be.

In our area of South Oxfordshire we seemed to of suffered quite badly, the rain seemed to come from no where and it was torrential.

The local town of Wallingford suffered from the supermarket Waitrose having to be shut due to water coming in from the light fitments due to lightening hitting the roof so the fireman were called, roads were blocked from the flash floods and a home was struck by lightning and suffered from fire, also a recycling food waste storage unit got hit by lightening and was burnt down, so much in such a short time frame, it really makes you wonder at the power of Mother Nature, fierce and scary, to beautiful and calm so soon afterwards.

June 2016 scooter flood 1440

We have a garden, that is sadly lacking a soak away, something that was over looked when they built this house over 4 years ago now, sometimes with a lot of rain, we have had the patio all flooded out, but today was the first time it was lapping over the metal strip at my patio doors.

#diggingatrench #savingourhome #raininghard #nosoakaway #badbuilders
#diggingatrench #savingourhome #raininghard #nosoakaway #badbuilders

To say I was worried is an understatement, my mind wondered to what I would do, thinking of the damage that could occur, the smells left behind, my laminate flooring would not survive being flooded, so action was needed.

I know on occasions I may moan about my children, specially Max who is 12 years old, but on this day he was a a true champion, coming outside to help me try to avert a flood to our home, today Max stepped up as the main man of our home, together we dug a bigger trench, trying to give the water somewhere to run away too

June 2016 scooter flood 1380

We got wet, we wore our wellyboots, so our feet stayed dry, we worked as a team and we made a difference.

The younger three stayed safely indoors and watched through the windows, they were worried as we were having lots of loud thunder and flashes of lightening too, they stayed in until it became less torrential and no more thunder or lightening and then they too found wellyboots to put on and came to join us outside.

June 2016 scooter flood 1421

The children were amazing, everyone working together, I have to say I am so very proud of all four of my children, when push comes to shove, they all step up to the mark and were happy to help.

Thanks to the team work of my family, also a little help from Mother Nature in calming down, we stopped the flooding waters reaching inside our home.

June 2016 scooter flood 1441

The children stayed outside, in their wellyboots, filling up buckets of waters and transporting it to the top of the garden away from the flooded patio, it became a bit of a game to pour the muddy waters onto the trampoline and watch it run through the mesh covering.

June 2016 scooter flood 1411

Our garden is looking a little sad, but our home was saved this time from the floods and we will now put a plan in place to dig and create a soak away the builders should of installed when building our home, just four years ago.


Dear Fat Mum 1 year at Fat Club and still fat!

Dear Fat Mum

Congratulations on completing 1 year attending a slimming class, well done on losing some weight and maintaining it.

But what happened, what has gone so wrong?

Why are you still so FAT? (I wish I knew)

You are how old, 45, my goodness woman, that is half your life gone, yes gone never to be got back!

Are you happy, are you, do you have body confidence, do you like yourself? (define happiness, actually don’t because No is the answer)

What are you doing, wasting the weeks, months and years of your life, yes I said wasting them! (not thought about it)

What you do not think you are lovable, you do not deserve to find someone special, for you are alone are you not.

Are you a good parent, what kind of upbringing are you instilling on your children, are you proud of yourself?

Do you enjoy being a mum? (not as I thought I would, how I dreamed for years it would be, it isn’t all fun)

Where do you see yourself in one more year, just another year older surely and still the sad fat girl.

How do you feel seeing so many people be successful in achieving their goals, be it in dieting, running marathons, climbing career ladders. (Very proud and pleased for them all, but also just a little envious too)

What did you think you would be doing at 45 when you were younger, have you ever been happy with yourself? (I guess and hoped and dreamed, I would be sharing life’s journey with a partner, oh how I wished for that)

How do you cope being a lone parent, not easy is it, but you make it harder for yourself, you do know all this is self inflicted do you not. (Yes, yes I know it is all my own fault ultimately, for as adults we are all responsible for our own futures)

When you look in a mirror what do you see, when you look at a photograph how do you feel? (grossed out and unhappy)

Your home, I mean come on is it a home, is it, is it somewhere you relax is it? (it is a reflection of my inner self, unhappy and depressing)

What do you do for a living, for work, what would you like to be doing?

How do you feel when you ask your children what they would like to be when they are older. (sad when they say they would like to do what I am doing)

What would you wish for your children? (for bright futures, great educations and an interest to learn and make the most of life and life’s experiences)

Where do you hope they will be, how will they get there, when you are not a good role model.

Back to body image Fat Mum, how will you feel when your daughters turn out like you? (very sad)

Dear Fat Mum, it is OK to call you that is it not, for that is what you are, a lazy fat mum, a tired, lazy, fat girl, a boring, tired, lazy, fat girl.

Hey you, yes you, where is your life going too?

Hey Fat Girl, where will YOU be in a months time, 2 months time, a years time?

Hey you, yes you, the tired, bored, boring, lazy, lackluster, Fat girl, do you care? (Yes, yes I really do care)

Are you living or existing? (existing)

Are you the best you can be? (No)

What are you doing to help your own children?

I am wondering if maybe you are just a bit stupid too, for no one in their right mind, would be so fat and inwardly unhappy with themselves, would they!

fat sleep girl

Ambition, dreams, come on Woman, wake up, smell the coffee and DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.

What are you going to be doing in a year?

You would like to wear dresses would you, what with your fat gut, come on get a grip, you will look like a elephant in a tent, 12 months pregnant or just a round ball of fat.

Love, what is that fat girl, what is it hey, you love your children do you, so why do you not help them to be better people, you love others do you, how can you, when you do not love yourself.

Why are you wasting these years, why are you physically abusing your own body, what will it take for you to change! One day it might be too late, one day your children may just grow up and never meet the girl inside, hey you know that girl hiding away inside that fat ugly body of yours, why have you shut her away, why have YOU done this, why not let her out!

Time does not stand still, time as we grow older, seems to go so much faster, one season leads to another into another and then into a new year, another year older, no more wiser though.

It is time to stand up, be accountable to YOURSELF, face up to some challenges and change YOUR future, so that your children have a better chance of a better future, Stop wasting time, stop dithering, making excuses, stop eating, drinking all the wrong things, take note, only I can change me, only I am responsible for my future and setting an example to my children, who are growing up so fast.


I joined Slimming world one year ago and I started at the weight of 19st 3lbs, which is 122.5kg yes very colossal obese.

1 year later almost to the day, I weighed in at 17st 3lb so a total loss in 52weeks of 2 stone or 12.7kg which either means slimming world is not working for me or I am not following it at all, I admit I have not been following it. Added up it has cost me £220 for attending the sessions every week for the year, but the positive news if any is that I haven’t gone back up and over what I started at, right now I am clinging to that fact.

I need to pull my socks up, sort my own life out, I want some time out, everything seems such a mess, such a muddle, but I would rarely admit that, to the outside world, I want to come across as a self sufficient woman, a lone parent who manages to balance it all, only I am lying if truth be told!



Competition to Win £20 Amazon Voucher

Competition to win £20 Amazon voucher

Who would like to win this competition, to celebrate Father’s Day?

To me Father’s Day is not only about Dad’s it is to celebrate all the special men in our lives.

It does not even have to be Male, not all of us have Father’s around anymore, some also have Father’s who can not be with them to celebrate the day, other’s will have a Mother, who has stepped up and into the role of both parents and others might be celebrating a male role figure in their lives, who has played a special part in their upbringing, making them who they are today.

I have four children, the three little ones, thanks to school will be making cards and handmade gifts, but as their dad lives away, we will send it to him.

I sometimes worry that children can be swayed and put off of an important figure in their childhoods, by the breakdown of relationships, for me it is important to remember without him, I would not have my 3 beautiful children. He loves them as do I and I only want the best for them, so will always encourage them to stay in touch with their dad.

To me Father’s day is about celebrating all the positive role model’s in my children’s lives, their Uncle’s my brothers and brother in law, who is brilliant with the children, but also we celebrate with Big Brother Day on Father’s day as Max is so helpful toward’s his younger siblings and has always been great helping since his siblings were babies.

So although it is called Father’s day, to me it is Special people’s day, some can be a father figure to their pets, so it comes in many guises too.

To celebrate all the wonderful people in our lives, I am running a competition.

I would like to know who will you be celebrating a special day with this year and where would you like to be?


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enjoy a lovely wknd with these 4 but impossible to get a decent photo of them altogether #brothers #sisters #siblings my 4 #children #theyhavemyheart #myheartbelongstothem #QuintonFamily
These four are my world!

Kinetic Sand Build Bakery Boutique

Kinetic Sand Build Bakery Boutique review.

Vlog1 June1016 818
Kinetic Sand Build Bakery Boutique

We were asked if we would like to try the Bakery Boutique version, of Kinetic Sand Build.

Izzy 8 years old and Anna 7 years old, both said they would like to test out the set and see what it was all about.

On recieving the box, the girls set about opening it up and finding out what was supplied and came inside the kit.

Vlog1 June1016 821

The box contained two different Kinetic sand colours, a lovely bright pink and a lovely blue, which pleased the girls very much as both love the colours. It also contained some molds to help create the items that you would find at a Bakery Boutique, even the box turns into a bakery type shop, as you get extra card to make a table to display your best cakes and there are some shelves too, all very handy and great with imagination play.

Vlog1 June1016 822

The girls opened the sand and were instantly intrigued by the texture of the sand, it really is very tactile and the more you play with it, the more is seems so soft and silky one daughter told me.

Vlog1 June1016 847

The sand can form many shapes, but the great thing is it also falls straight back to loose sand if needed, it is something that can be played with again and again, though I will point out that the sand colours mixed together make a pretty purple colour and then instead of two colours you are left with one, unless you are very careful with the things you make, my daughters, loved holding the sand and having it drip through their fingers as if the sand was a gentle water fall.

Vlog1 June1016 857

It really is a very tactile, creative and flexible material.

It is recommended for ages 5 plus, it holds its shape whilst you play with it, never dries out, which is incredible, cleans up easily and is very much something you can play with again and again.

You can find it by Spin Master on

Youtube vlog on Kinetic Sand


We were sent the product to review and all opinions and wording is our own.

I use an affiliate link to some products, as then it would be a few pennies in an account, if you were to purchase the same product.


My Sunday Photo

My Sunday Photo

April May 2016 2565

The End of Term

I love this photo, so have chosen it as My Sunday Photo, as this week saw the end of another term at school.

If you look very closely, you will see a tractor working the fields as we were walking by on our way home.

It means I have the children, all four of them home with me for the week ahead, so much to do, so much to see, so much to sort and fun to be had, what the week ahead will hold, who knows, as everyday is a brand new adventure.

I have to say I love that we are lucky enough to live in the countryside, a friend from Spain who came to visit, has said just how beautiful our country is, it is so very green, and indeed it is, we have rolling hills, known as the Downs and you can see for miles and miles, farm land, the odd house, cottage and even village and town around, sometimes it takes someone else commentating to remind us of how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful area.

We live within easy distance of The Downs, The Chiltern Hills and The Vale of white horse, so many areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Joining in with this weeks My Sunday Photo by photalife



W. Blake Atkinson

There’s a quiet place where I often go
When the sun is in the west,
And the evening breezes, as they blow
O’er the trees above and the lake below,
Seem sighing themselves to rest;

Where under the bank beneath the feet
There lies a hidden well;
Where the hanging boughs the waters meet,
And the moor-hen finds a safe retreat,
And the white swan loves to dwell.

For there have I heard the cuckoo’s call,
And the lay of the nightingale,
The cooing of doves in the tree-tops tall,
And the distant sound of the waterfall
Come creeping up the vale.

And in the far-off haze I have seen
The slopes of the circling hill,
And, the arching boughs of the trees between,
The broad expanse of the meadows green
Lie peacefully and still.

I have seen the water smooth as glass,
Or the ripples o’er it fleet,
When the winds that move it as they pass
Bear the scent of dew-besprinkled grass
And the odour of flowers sweet.

I have watched the shades of twilight glide
Over the peaceful scene,
Till the stars stole forth on the heavens wide,
And the moonbeams fell on the tranquil tide
In floods of silver sheen.

O, there is no vale that ever I knew
That has such charms for me,
Where the earth assumes a brighter hue,
And the sky seems tinged with a deeper blue,
And the flowers more fair to see.

And still contented shall be my lot,
Whether I laugh or weep,
If, the busy cares of the world forgot,
I may visit that sweet, secluded spot,
Where the woods and waters sleep.


The Mummy Tag – Getting to know me

I have been tagged for ‘The Mummy Tag’ by the lovely Laura from Dear Bear and Beany – Thank you!

  1. Are you a Stay at Home Mum or a Working Mum?

I am a part time working Mummy to four mess monsters, I have Max 12, Isabella 8, Anna 7 & Edward 5. I work part time to fit around the children and school times, currently I am self employed, offering domestic services to my local community.



2. Would you have it any other way?

I would be lying if I said no, yes I might change things, I would love to go to work and come home at the end of the day, often though I have work at home and from home and I would change that if I could, as sometimes I would like to be home and switch off, not see there is still a lot of work to get through. In time as the children grow older, I am sure it will become easier and I will not be needed so much.

3. Do you co-sleep?

Yes, much to everyone’s surprise I am sure. Having four children and being on my own with them, I found it much easier for my youngest to share my bed, it means I get some sleep. Even though Edward has turned 5, and that was my cut off point, he has a lovely new bed, but still he prefers to sleep in mine, he will always find me in the middle of the night, if he falls asleep elsewhere. I look at it as, when he is a teenager, he will not want to be sharing a bed with his old mum. My girls too sometimes have bad dreams or just need a cuddle in bed and end up staying, so it can be a bit cramped.

#kidsofig #sleeping #son going to bonfire fireworks in an hour he needs to wake up bless him #kidsofinstagram
#kidsofig #sleeping #son

4. What is your one must-have item for your baby?

Now it is a Trampoline, it covers all ages, yes even I have been known to enjoy a bounce. When they were babies then it has to be muslin squares, multi uses for one piece of cloth, I used them when out and about to lay baby on, to change nappies on and to clean the babies up, in fact I still use them around my home now, even though my youngest is 5, but they work well as spillage mops or wiping the sides dry after washing them.

5. How many kids do you plan on having?

My family is complete, I am very lucky in that I was blessed with 4 children.

6. Date nights? How often do you have them?

Gosh, what are those? Seriously as I am not in a relationship, I guess I do not have them, but I do sometimes get out for a ‘Mummy break away’ an evening out with my sister or friends, not often, so when I do it is very special to me.

Got to #love the #filter on #snapchat
Got to #love the #filter on #snapchat

7. Your child’s favourite show?

Paw Patrol is Edward’s,

Anna loves Green Rider,

Isabella enjoys any crafting programs, like Mr Maker.

Max enjoys the James Bond films now he is older and we all like Harry Potter

8. Name one thing you bought before you had the baby and never ended up using?

A top and tail bowl

9. Your child’s favourite food?

Edward likes Pizza,

Anna loves cereals, seriously she would eat is morning, noon and night,

Isabella likes Spagetti bolognese with garlic bread,

Max likes chicken noodles, I kid you not, he has always loved them.

10. How many cars does your family have?

One, a great big people carrier

11. Weight gain, before pregnancy, during, after and now?

With my first baby I put on about 1 stone, then consequently got bigger with each child, I am still struggling to get the weight down even now 5 years later.

12. Dream holiday with your kids?

It would have to be Disney Land, be it Paris or in the USA.

13. Dream holiday without your kids?


14. How has your life changed since having kids?

My world revolves around my children so much, that it has totally changed, I come last and they must come first.

15. Finish the sentence “It makes my heart melt when…”

When at bedtime they still want a kiss and cuddle good night (sadly my 12yr old does not do this anymore)

16. Where do you shop for your kids?

I shop in a variety of places, Next is a favourite as seems to fit well, Jacadi, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Tesco, John Lewis, Debenhams and Primark

17. Favourite make-up and skincare products?

Vaseline for moisturiser, I will one day learn more about make-up but at 45 have rarely worn any

18. Huggies or Pampers?

Pampers, but then switched to Aldi a Winning brand half the price of the other two and never leaked.

19. Have you always wanted kids?


20. Best part of being a mum?

Having someone to love, spoil, adore and know that somehow, by some miracle they are mine.

September 2015 081

I am tagging these lovely mummies…

Mummy and the Chunks

Joanna Victoria

Adventures in Websterland


I look forward to reading your responses ladies…

Teenage Turtles Puzzle review

We were asked if we would like to try the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Puzzle

May 2016 2 853

Having a 5 year old son Edward who loves everything TMNT, we said yes we would be happy to test it out.

On opening the box, all four different puzzles and there different sized pieces were all mixed together.

May 2016 2 856

I tried to sort out as best I could into four piles, so Edward could start putting them together.

May 2016 2 886

Soon Edward was joined by his sister Anna, who wanted to help make the puzzles too, Anna is very keen on watching the Movie with the TMNT in, so Edward said she could help by doing just one of the puzzles and that he would do the rest by himself.

May 2016 2 872

Edward managed the first one very well, as they got slightly more difficult, it challenged him, he got frustrated, yet was determined to complete it, I did have to whisper hints, like try turning a piece around, but I was one very proud Mummy when finally they were all completed, without me touching any of the pieces or doing it for them.

May 2016 2 880

The look on Edward’s face when they were all complete, was just a magical moment, I could tell he was so very happy and proud of himself. just as I was of him.

May 2016 2 911

Edward is looking forward to coming home after school today and having another go.

If you like the look of this puzzle, then you can find it on Amazon. TMNT Puzzle by Ravensburger-Teenage-Turtles-Puzzles

I personally think this is a great idea for rainy days, for quiet times, also as a gift for another child. The fact that it is characters Edward loves, made him enjoy doing this puzzle, if it had been just a picture of something like animals, Edward would perhaps not of been so eager to complete the puzzle.

May 2016 2 930

Top Tips for using the puzzles

  • Open The puzzle before you give it to your child
  • Sort out which pieces go with which picture and on the back put numbers to make it easier to identify the pieces.




We were sent this puzzle to review, but we give our honest opinions and in our own words talk about this puzzle.



Competition £20 Amazon Voucher

Competition to Win a £20 Amazon Voucher

Who would like to Win this Competition of a £20 Amazon Voucher?

I thought as it is Friday, well as I am typing this it is, then let us have a celebration of the weekend.

I have a busy weekend coming up, running around after my four mess monsters, but this evening I still have work to finish.

If I could choose to do something different, it would be catching a flight to a lovely destination, perhaps to Paris for the weekend, or to Prague as I have never been there. I would have my bags packed lightly and someone else would be minding my children, I would enjoy sipping a cool refreshing drink, perhaps a Pimms, or a glass of Prosecco. the hotel would be luxurious and the food devine, also a friend along to share the experience would be the icing on the cake.

To enter this Competition, let me know where and what you would like to be doing for a weekend.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy weekend

Competition ends 5th June 2016

She Walks in Beauty

By Lord George Byron

She walks in Beauty, like the night 
Of cloudless climes and starry skies; 
And all that's best of dark and bright 
Meet in her aspect and her eyes: 
Thus mellowed to that tender light 
Which Heaven to gaudy day denies.

One shade the more, one ray the less, 
Had half impaired the nameless grace 
Which waves in every raven tress, 
Or softly lightens o'er her face; 
Where thoughts serenely sweet express, 
How pure, how dear their dwelling-place.

And on that cheek, and o'er that brow, 
So soft, so calm, yet eloquent, 
The smiles that win, the tints that glow, 
But tell of days in goodness spent, 
A mind at peace with all below, 
A heart whose love is innocent!

by George (Lord) Byron