Join us in a #PuppyInMyPocket Twitter Party

Puppy In My Pocket Twitter Party

Join us in a #PuppyInMyPocket twitter Party on Wednesday 28th September Time 1 pm until 3 pm

There will be lots of online Spot Competitions, Follow

Remember to use the Hashtag #PuppyInMyPocket in all tweets


We are all so very excited, to be getting ready to join in and host our very first Twitter Party.


Not only are we holding a party at home, with my daughter’s favourite collectible characters, the adorable Puppy In My Pocket range, but we are also sharing our experience for everyone to join in over on Twitter.

So put down in your reminders, set your alarms, make your drinks and get comfortable on Wednesday 28th September at 1pm and for the next 2 hours, we have a lot of fun, games and activities to join in with and the chance to WIN some amazing Puppy In My Pocket Prizes


Look at the Amazing Pretty Pet Palace & Puppy Play Park

We love the unboxing of these adorable little Puppies, opening the bags and not knowing which cute and adorable Puppy you will get, all helps enhance the fun and excitement of the moment.

Summer Holiday 2016

Our Summer Holiday 2016

I seriously do not know where time goes.

One minute it was a build up for the children breaking up from school, leaving teachers behind as when they go back into a new school year, it is with new teachers into new class rooms.

#siblings #climbingwall #summertime #outsideadventures #soha
Summer Holiday #siblings #climbingwall #summertime #outsideadventures #soha

Then the School Summer holiday arrived, I wonder if I am alone in dreading the juggle of trying to work, with childcare for three children and then trying to find enough to amuse and entertain my children for six whole long weeks.


We did many things, for once the weather in the Summer holiday was on our side and we spent a lot of it outside, in the garden or going off having fun.

Not quite the seaside but a beautiful part of the #englishcountryside having #dinner #alfresco before a walk round the clumps #familytime
Not quite the seaside but a beautiful part of the #englishcountryside having #dinner #alfresco before a walk round the clumps #familytime

The children did a week’s intense swimming course with My Little Swim School and loved it, as always.

#mylittleswimschool Edward swimming under water his favourite he loved the hoops in the water #swimming #swimminglesson @mylittleswimschool
#mylittleswimschool Edward swimming under water his favourite he loved the hoops in the water #swimming #swimminglesson @mylittleswimschool

We spent a week in North Devon which was lovely for the children to spend time with their half brother.

Sun is setting on a lovely evening #children #family
Sun is setting on a lovely evening #children #family

We also were very lucky and went to visit The Harry Potter Studio tour, the children loved it and even though I had been before, there was still so much to see and do.

So excited we have arrived #harrypotter #wbstudiotour #wbtourlondon #familydayout #kidsofinstagram
So excited we have arrived #harrypotter #wbstudiotour #wbtourlondon #familydayout #kidsofinstagram

We also went camping, just Edward, Isabella, Anna and I.

#camping #dinnertime eating #alfresco #familytime #kidsofinstagram #campingtrip #holiday
#camping #dinnertime eating #alfresco #familytime #kidsofinstagram #campingtrip #holiday

We sadly only managed one night as the tent was not up to scratch, but we are all very much looking forward to more adventures around the country, as unbelievably I fell in love with the whole concept, after years of saying it was not my thing.

#GoodMorning #campers we survived the first night. It is a tad chilly this morning so the heater has gone on. #camping #campingadventures #sleepinginatent #seagulls woke me up nice & early lol #sunrise #familyholiday great #tent from @aldiuk
#GoodMorning #campers we survived the first night. It is a tad chilly this morning so the heater has gone on. #camping #campingadventures #sleepinginatent #seagulls woke me up nice & early lol #sunrise #familyholiday great

One of the most memorable days, was visiting West Wittering beach, with my three water babies.

I have 3 #beachbabes they are loving the #sea #kidsofinstagram thank goodness for #wetsuits #surfinggirl #waterbabies #familyadventures #campingholiday #familyisallthatmatters #beach #seaside
I have 3 #beachbabes they are loving the #sea #kidsofinstagram thank goodness for #wetsuits #surfinggirl #waterbabies #familyadventures #campingholiday #familyisallthatmatters #beach #seaside

We went prepared, wet suits for all three and a wind break, also sun tent, which I would recommend to anyone going for the day, not only does it provide shelter from the sun, but if children get cold then they can snuggle up and warm up in the sun tent.

#lunchtime at the #beach #seaside we came prepared lol loving the blue & yellow theme #kidsofinstagram #children #family #siblings
#lunchtime at the #beach #seaside we came prepared lol loving the blue & yellow theme #kidsofinstagram #children #family #siblings

To be honest, it was my best day, I so loved watching how much all three children loved the sea, they even swam in it, bless, I am the proudest Mummy ever.

This boy loves the #sea #minisurfer #seaside #boogieboard #catchingwaves #summerholiday
This boy loves the #sea #minisurfer #seaside #boogieboard #catchingwaves #summerholiday

Sadly like all good things, it came to an end.

After the build up and worry, I almost wish it had lasted longer, but school started all over again, so off they all went.

I am really looking forward to next summer now.

Making Dreams Come True Horse Riding

Making Dreams Come True Horse Riding

June 2016 scooter flood 748

Making Anna’s Birthday wish come true.

Anna was just about to turn seven years old, I kept asking her what she would like for her Birthday, as that is always a favourite subject with my children, talking about all their wishes and dreams, around Birthdays and Christmas.

As a parent, it is my job partly, to try to make some of those dreams come true.

June 2016 scooter flood 671

Anna asked for some TY Beanie Boo’s she loves to collect and being an animal lover, she asked for a horse riding lesson too.

When Anna was three, she saw horses up close and personal on a camping trip to the New Forest and she never forgot that experience, I was a little concerned that she would be worried and also where would I take her for a first ever lesson.

June 2016 scooter flood 678

Luckily for both Anna and I, I know a family that lives near to us, with horses and when Helen heard that Anna wanted to ride a horse, she offered for her daughter to give Anna a lesson on her daughters pony.

Anna’s Birthday came and went, the time never quite seemed right, the weather was too wet, then one week, Helen said that I could take Anna on the Sunday morning if we were free and her daughter would show her how to care for the pony and give her a lesson.

June 2016 scooter flood 693

Anna and I went, we were not sure what to expect, but my goodness Anna’s face was a picture, she was beaming from ear to ear when she saw Cisco for the first time.

June 2016 scooter flood 716

Jennifer, taught Anna that she must not walk behind the horse, she showed her how to brush the horse down, how to clean our the hooves and just how to get Cisco ready to go for a ride, with putting on the bridal and saddle.

Cisco was an amazingly placid pony, quite big for Anna in all honesty, specially for a first ride, but Anna was in her element.

June 2016 scooter flood 721

Anna was kitted out in Jennifer’s sisters riding gear, who happens to be the same age as Anna, so she wore special riding boots, a protective vest and also a riding helmet.

June 2016 scooter flood 723

Once Cisco was all ready to go, Helen came over to keep an eye and come along for Anna’s first ever experience of getting on a horse, just sitting on top, was very scary Anna would tell you, she was so high up, at first her nerves got the better of her and she wanted to come down, but talking slowly and calmly we told her to give it a little go and with that Cisco walked slowly off and Anna soon got the hang of it, it was a magical experience and Anna was a very lucky young lady. Jennifer led Cisco on a lead reign and Helen and I both walked either side of Anna to give her confidence and for safety.

June 2016 scooter flood 739

When we got back to the stable yard, Anna was just so very happy, she thanked Helen and Jennifer and said it was the best day ever, bless her.

June 2016 scooter flood 730

So this Birthday, it might of been a little late, but all good things come to those that wait and for Anna one of her Birthday wishes came true, my thanks and gratitude go to Cisco’s family, who were so generous giving up their time to help make this possible.

Puppy in My Pocket

Puppy in My Pocket review

Izzy and Anna love all things to do with animals, for Anna her love of dogs is amazing, so to be asked to review Puppy in My Pocket, the girls were over the moon.

July 16 Sports day Review Vlog pony puppies 763

The girls loved opening up the blind bags, each one contains a Puppy in My Pocket, but the fun is in not knowing what one you will get, the girls loved the suspense of opening and then discovering which new puppy they have, sometimes they have one already so can swap with each other, or if friends also collect them, then you can swap the extra ones with your friends too.

Puppy in My pocket is a well made, sturdy little toy, not recommended for under 3 years old, as they are quite small. They are perfect for starting a collection, as they do not take up much space they are also soft to touch with a velour feel.

Each Puppy is from a different bread, Izzy tends to love the girly looking ones, like the poodles and Anna naturally is going for the male ones, which is just perfect as they can swap with each other.

puppy in my pocket 1

The girls have a small shelf in their bedroom that they now proudly display their Puppies on.

When we are going out and the journey is quite long, the girls now put the Puppies in the bag and take them along with them, which is an ideal travel toy, entertainment is easy with these small pieces and can even fit in my handbags for safety, if they happen to forget to leave them in the car, whilst we are out shopping.

puppy in my pocket 3

These toys lead to a lot of imaginative play, the brand has been around since the 1990’s so a well loved and recognised toy, I have to be honest and love them too, as will put them on my window sill in the kitchen if the girls leave them lying around or forget they put them in my handbag, as they are very sweet and cute to look at.

The soft carrier is the perfect addition to the set, enabling the children to bring the Puppy in my Pocket along on trips and out on play dates. There are three different types of soft carrier/bags to buy, each containing 4 Puppies too.

puppy in my pocket 2

Blind packs are a great way to start off a collection and which little person does not like collecting some new toys, what I love about them, is the affordability and that the children can use their own pocket money to purchase more.

The magic of this new 2016 collection of Puppy in My Pocket, is the ultra rare glitter puppies and the fact that there are over 100 different Puppies to collect.

Each Puppy is given a name, along with a bio of the type of dog breed it is, based on real dog breeds, so if your child has a certain dog in the family, then the challenge will be on to find one of a familiar breed of dog to collect.

Something that is very exciting is that later in the Year, the brand are bringing out Kitty in My Pocket, something I know Izzy is already really looking forward too, as she loves cats.

Asking the girls what marks they would give Puppy in My Pocket out of 10, both girls replied 10/10

If you would like to know more about them, then go to

We were asked if we would like to review this toy, all words, photographs and explanations are written by us, to give our readers a true idea of what we thought of this product.

Limited Edition Carousel Pony Zelf

Limited Edition Carousel Pony Zelf

Limited Edition Carousel Pony Zelf

What is a Zelf you may ask, well they are cute little collector’s toys, that are pose-able where you can change hairstyles, which to me resembles the old toys known as Trolls.


The next series out is no.6 and will be available to buy from the end of July

My daughters love all animals I am discovering, so as we already know about the Zelfs they loved this latest addition to their collection.

Zelfs collection

The 6th Limited Edition Zelfs Mary Go-Round, is now available for redemption, it is not something that you can buy in the shops, but comes free with receipts from previous purchases of Zelfs. There are only 400 available to claim in the U.K. so hurry quickly if you wish to add this beautiful pony to your collection.

Carousel Pony Zelf

Isabella and Anna really liked this, the fact that it was a pony, in fact not just a pony, but a unicorn one, with a horn in the front of it’s head, was a huge hit, they loved the styling and the accessories it came with.

Zelfs and accessories

Zelf fans can join a a great place to hear the latest news on Zelfs and also lots of competitions too.


If you wish to redeem to get the limited edition carousel Pony zelf then click Here and it takes £30 worth of receipts.


We were sent this to review and have done so, all details and words are written by myself.

Eve of The EU Referendum but I will always love you

Eve of The EU Referendum but I will always love you

EU REFERENDUM. White office desk

After months, no in fact years, it is The Eve of the EU Referendum and I am a little sad about it all to be totally honest.

So many negative comments, so many people in opposing sides, parties turning inwards, arguing passionately about why you should vote to stay in the EU and others why you should vote to come out of the EU.

I could call is passion, but sadly now I feel it on the verge of breaking friendships.

We all get a chance to Vote, I really honestly believe we should use our votes, to make our voices heard.

Referendum. Brexit. Flags of the United Kingdom and the European Union. UK Flag and EU Flag. British Union Jack flag. Flag outside inside stars. England appearances in the European Union.

I have heard arguments, for and against, I have seen people write how they will hold those accountable, if the vote does not go there way, as thanks to social media, who you are standing by, is often shared and shouted about, in the hope that others will join your side.

I have kept quiet, I have been watching and observing, I have seen some awful things thrown about, some untruths told and highlighting issues that are not true, all because they want you to stand with there choices.

This is about all of our freedom to have a vote, be it IN or OUT.

the hands of a young woman patterned with the flag of the United Kingdom and the European Community forming a heart, with a vignette added
I will always love you no matter what!

I just want to say to my fellow countrymen and women, that no matter what YOU VOTE, I will always love you.

I will not hold it against you, I will respect that you have your own mind and can decide for yourself which way you will be voting.

I am writing this upset seeing so many negative posts, so many people thinking the worst about others.

STOP, for after tomorrow, no matter what, the decision will be made and I will still love you, I will still love my country and be proud to be British, I am proud I live here and yet I have always classed myself as a human of the world too, for we are so lucky to have our beautiful planet, please if anything comes from this, let it be for us all to live with tolerance and compassion, sadly it has been lacking of late, but come Friday, let us all once again get back to loving our neighbours, loving our diversity and families.

What ever You Vote, IN or OUT know I will always Love you.

What ever happens tomorrow, let us all still be friends!

Y Glider Deluxe review

Y Glider Deluxe review

We were asked if we would like to test a scooter out the Y Glider Deluxe from Yvolution.

June 2016 scooter flood 1533 June 2016 scooter flood 1536June 2016 scooter flood 1538June 2016 scooter flood 1540June 2016 scooter flood 1543

My son Edward I thought would be perfect for this, as he loves being outside and when tired, you can always get him to go a bit further if using some wheels to help, so a scooter would be great.

We received the Y Glider Deluxe, which was a surprise as we were expecting the YGlider XL, but on opening the box we were pleased that it looked so sturdy. I was just about to take it round to my nephew to test it out for us, but luckily took it out the box and put it together at our home, to discover it was a good size and although the age recommendations say from 3 plus so I was thinking Edward at age 5 might be too big, but guess what, he is not, it is in fact a great fit for Edward and I can tell you his little face was so excited to be able to test it out.

It was just two pieces that click together, so incredibly easy to fix it up, and off the children can go scooting around.

June 2016 scooter flood 1577

The Summer is here, the weather is being typically British having some days full of rain and yet others brilliantly sunny, so on the days that are lovely and dry, it is great to get out in the fresh air and spend as much time outside as possible, I find it so important to get the children to spend as much time outside as possible and having a scooter is a great chance to get some fun, exercise and vitamin d too.

Summer time is a wonderful time to buy new outside toys, be it scooters, bikes or outside play houses, sand pits or water tables.

Scooter June 2016 097

When scooting, I think it the perfect time to instill in my children the rule to playing safely, so when on bikes, scooters too should be the time to wear safety equipment. Edward wears his helmet to help protect him from any tumbles, or as he tells me crash bangs. So two rules with scooting, always wear a helmet and closed toe shoes, as although he would like to wear his flip flops, it just is not safe, so trainers are his choice of safety footwear.

Scooter June 2016 109

This Y Glider is just one of the products that Yvolution have and they are a great brand that I am hearing more and more good things about, but seeing and trying out the Y Glider deluxe, we are won over, I was skeptical it would be as sturdy and well made as it looked, but it really is well made and Edward assures me it is great fun to scoot around on.

To see other products by


We were sent this to review and everything written about the scooter is by myself, the page owner, editor and with the help of the main tester Edward aged 5. 

Flash Flooding threat to our Home

Flash Flooding threat to our Home.

What a panic Friday 17th June turned out to be.

In our area of South Oxfordshire we seemed to of suffered quite badly, the rain seemed to come from no where and it was torrential.

The local town of Wallingford suffered from the supermarket Waitrose having to be shut due to water coming in from the light fitments due to lightening hitting the roof so the fireman were called, roads were blocked from the flash floods and a home was struck by lightning and suffered from fire, also a recycling food waste storage unit got hit by lightening and was burnt down, so much in such a short time frame, it really makes you wonder at the power of Mother Nature, fierce and scary, to beautiful and calm so soon afterwards.

June 2016 scooter flood 1440

We have a garden, that is sadly lacking a soak away, something that was over looked when they built this house over 4 years ago now, sometimes with a lot of rain, we have had the patio all flooded out, but today was the first time it was lapping over the metal strip at my patio doors.

#diggingatrench #savingourhome #raininghard #nosoakaway #badbuilders
#diggingatrench #savingourhome #raininghard #nosoakaway #badbuilders

To say I was worried is an understatement, my mind wondered to what I would do, thinking of the damage that could occur, the smells left behind, my laminate flooring would not survive being flooded, so action was needed.

I know on occasions I may moan about my children, specially Max who is 12 years old, but on this day he was a a true champion, coming outside to help me try to avert a flood to our home, today Max stepped up as the main man of our home, together we dug a bigger trench, trying to give the water somewhere to run away too

June 2016 scooter flood 1380

We got wet, we wore our wellyboots, so our feet stayed dry, we worked as a team and we made a difference.

The younger three stayed safely indoors and watched through the windows, they were worried as we were having lots of loud thunder and flashes of lightening too, they stayed in until it became less torrential and no more thunder or lightening and then they too found wellyboots to put on and came to join us outside.

June 2016 scooter flood 1421

The children were amazing, everyone working together, I have to say I am so very proud of all four of my children, when push comes to shove, they all step up to the mark and were happy to help.

Thanks to the team work of my family, also a little help from Mother Nature in calming down, we stopped the flooding waters reaching inside our home.

June 2016 scooter flood 1441

The children stayed outside, in their wellyboots, filling up buckets of waters and transporting it to the top of the garden away from the flooded patio, it became a bit of a game to pour the muddy waters onto the trampoline and watch it run through the mesh covering.

June 2016 scooter flood 1411

Our garden is looking a little sad, but our home was saved this time from the floods and we will now put a plan in place to dig and create a soak away the builders should of installed when building our home, just four years ago.


Competition to Win £20 Amazon Voucher

Competition to win £20 Amazon voucher

Who would like to win this competition, to celebrate Father’s Day?

To me Father’s Day is not only about Dad’s it is to celebrate all the special men in our lives.

It does not even have to be Male, not all of us have Father’s around anymore, some also have Father’s who can not be with them to celebrate the day, other’s will have a Mother, who has stepped up and into the role of both parents and others might be celebrating a male role figure in their lives, who has played a special part in their upbringing, making them who they are today.

I have four children, the three little ones, thanks to school will be making cards and handmade gifts, but as their dad lives away, we will send it to him.

I sometimes worry that children can be swayed and put off of an important figure in their childhoods, by the breakdown of relationships, for me it is important to remember without him, I would not have my 3 beautiful children. He loves them as do I and I only want the best for them, so will always encourage them to stay in touch with their dad.

To me Father’s day is about celebrating all the positive role model’s in my children’s lives, their Uncle’s my brothers and brother in law, who is brilliant with the children, but also we celebrate with Big Brother Day on Father’s day as Max is so helpful toward’s his younger siblings and has always been great helping since his siblings were babies.

So although it is called Father’s day, to me it is Special people’s day, some can be a father figure to their pets, so it comes in many guises too.

To celebrate all the wonderful people in our lives, I am running a competition.

I would like to know who will you be celebrating a special day with this year and where would you like to be?


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enjoy a lovely wknd with these 4 but impossible to get a decent photo of them altogether #brothers #sisters #siblings my 4 #children #theyhavemyheart #myheartbelongstothem #QuintonFamily
These four are my world!

Kinetic Sand Build Bakery Boutique

Kinetic Sand Build Bakery Boutique review.

Vlog1 June1016 818
Kinetic Sand Build Bakery Boutique

We were asked if we would like to try the Bakery Boutique version, of Kinetic Sand Build.

Izzy 8 years old and Anna 7 years old, both said they would like to test out the set and see what it was all about.

On recieving the box, the girls set about opening it up and finding out what was supplied and came inside the kit.

Vlog1 June1016 821

The box contained two different Kinetic sand colours, a lovely bright pink and a lovely blue, which pleased the girls very much as both love the colours. It also contained some molds to help create the items that you would find at a Bakery Boutique, even the box turns into a bakery type shop, as you get extra card to make a table to display your best cakes and there are some shelves too, all very handy and great with imagination play.

Vlog1 June1016 822

The girls opened the sand and were instantly intrigued by the texture of the sand, it really is very tactile and the more you play with it, the more is seems so soft and silky one daughter told me.

Vlog1 June1016 847

The sand can form many shapes, but the great thing is it also falls straight back to loose sand if needed, it is something that can be played with again and again, though I will point out that the sand colours mixed together make a pretty purple colour and then instead of two colours you are left with one, unless you are very careful with the things you make, my daughters, loved holding the sand and having it drip through their fingers as if the sand was a gentle water fall.

Vlog1 June1016 857

It really is a very tactile, creative and flexible material.

It is recommended for ages 5 plus, it holds its shape whilst you play with it, never dries out, which is incredible, cleans up easily and is very much something you can play with again and again.

You can find it by Spin Master on

Youtube vlog on Kinetic Sand


We were sent the product to review and all opinions and wording is our own.

I use an affiliate link to some products, as then it would be a few pennies in an account, if you were to purchase the same product.