Y Glider Deluxe review

Y Glider Deluxe review

We were asked if we would like to test a scooter out the Y Glider Deluxe from Yvolution.

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My son Edward I thought would be perfect for this, as he loves being outside and when tired, you can always get him to go a bit further if using some wheels to help, so a scooter would be great.

We received the Y Glider Deluxe, which was a surprise as we were expecting the YGlider XL, but on opening the box we were pleased that it looked so sturdy. I was just about to take it round to my nephew to test it out for us, but luckily took it out the box and put it together at our home, to discover it was a good size and although the age recommendations say from 3 plus so I was thinking Edward at age 5 might be too big, but guess what, he is not, it is in fact a great fit for Edward and I can tell you his little face was so excited to be able to test it out.

It was just two pieces that click together, so incredibly easy to fix it up, and off the children can go scooting around.

June 2016 scooter flood 1577

The Summer is here, the weather is being typically British having some days full of rain and yet others brilliantly sunny, so on the days that are lovely and dry, it is great to get out in the fresh air and spend as much time outside as possible, I find it so important to get the children to spend as much time outside as possible and having a scooter is a great chance to get some fun, exercise and vitamin d too.

Summer time is a wonderful time to buy new outside toys, be it scooters, bikes or outside play houses, sand pits or water tables.

Scooter June 2016 097

When scooting, I think it the perfect time to instill in my children the rule to playing safely, so when on bikes, scooters too should be the time to wear safety equipment. Edward wears his helmet to help protect him from any tumbles, or as he tells me crash bangs. So two rules with scooting, always wear a helmet and closed toe shoes, as although he would like to wear his flip flops, it just is not safe, so trainers are his choice of safety footwear.

Scooter June 2016 109

This Y Glider is just one of the products that Yvolution have and they are a great brand that I am hearing more and more good things about, but seeing and trying out the Y Glider deluxe, we are won over, I was skeptical it would be as sturdy and well made as it looked, but it really is well made and Edward assures me it is great fun to scoot around on.

To see other products by www.yvolution.com/


We were sent this to review and everything written about the scooter is by myself, the page owner, editor and with the help of the main tester Edward aged 5. 

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  1. This looks great – my eldest son loved his scooter, he is a little old now. Pickle is a little young – but will love one when he is older. Great review. Kaz x

    1. Rachel, my apologies I pressed publish before adding the photos, I was too quick.
      They have now been added, thanks Sadie

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