Puppy in My Pocket

Puppy in My Pocket review

Izzy and Anna love all things to do with animals, for Anna her love of dogs is amazing, so to be asked to review Puppy in My Pocket, the girls were over the moon.

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The girls loved opening up the blind bags, each one contains a Puppy in My Pocket, but the fun is in not knowing what one you will get, the girls loved the suspense of opening and then discovering which new puppy they have, sometimes they have one already so can swap with each other, or if friends also collect them, then you can swap the extra ones with your friends too.

Puppy in My pocket is a well made, sturdy little toy, not recommended for under 3 years old, as they are quite small. They are perfect for starting a collection, as they do not take up much space they are also soft to touch with a velour feel.

Each Puppy is from a different bread, Izzy tends to love the girly looking ones, like the poodles and Anna naturally is going for the male ones, which is just perfect as they can swap with each other.

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The girls have a small shelf in their bedroom that they now proudly display their Puppies on.

When we are going out and the journey is quite long, the girls now put the Puppies in the bag and take them along with them, which is an ideal travel toy, entertainment is easy with these small pieces and can even fit in my handbags for safety, if they happen to forget to leave them in the car, whilst we are out shopping.

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These toys lead to a lot of imaginative play, the brand has been around since the 1990’s so a well loved and recognised toy, I have to be honest and love them too, as will put them on my window sill in the kitchen if the girls leave them lying around or forget they put them in my handbag, as they are very sweet and cute to look at.

The soft carrier is the perfect addition to the set, enabling the children to bring the Puppy in my Pocket along on trips and out on play dates. There are three different types of soft carrier/bags to buy, each containing 4 Puppies too.

puppy in my pocket 2

Blind packs are a great way to start off a collection and which little person does not like collecting some new toys, what I love about them, is the affordability and that the children can use their own pocket money to purchase more.

The magic of this new 2016 collection of Puppy in My Pocket, is the ultra rare glitter puppies and the fact that there are over 100 different Puppies to collect.

Each Puppy is given a name, along with a bio of the type of dog breed it is, based on real dog breeds, so if your child has a certain dog in the family, then the challenge will be on to find one of a familiar breed of dog to collect.

Something that is very exciting is that later in the Year, the brand are bringing out Kitty in My Pocket, something I know Izzy is already really looking forward too, as she loves cats.

Asking the girls what marks they would give Puppy in My Pocket out of 10, both girls replied 10/10

If you would like to know more about them, then go to http://www.flairplc.co.uk

We were asked if we would like to review this toy, all words, photographs and explanations are written by us, to give our readers a true idea of what we thought of this product. 


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