Half Term Plans

Half Term Plan:
I can not believe that already we are just about to hit Half Term with the Autumn break from school.
It does seem that Summer was just the other day, now the days are getting darker and colder.

Yippee and back to #school they go now yrs 1, 3 & 4 good luck to the teachers #kidsofinstagram #family #siblings
A week of no school runs yippee and so time to make plans, making sure we do not spend the entire week in our PJ’s, as tempting as that is sometimes.
My ideas and the children,s are all quite different, but if we make a mixture of plans then maybe just maybe we will get more done.

October 2015 Pumpkin Patch 238
On the list is –

  • Visit Natural History Museum in London
  • Visit the Science Museum in London
  • Have a mini tea party for Jessica’s 6th Birthday on the Wednesday
  • Tidy the garden for Winter, put it to bed
  • Go Swimming as a family
  • Go Pumpkin picking at the farm
  • Decorate for Halloween
  • Make a batch of food to freeze
  • Bake cakes and cookies
  • Decorate 1 room
  • Move the fish to the lounge from the kitchen
  • Go for a walk at Wittenham Clumps to fly a kite
  • Invite friends over to play for the day
  • Sort out book shelves
  • Go to the Cinema
  • Visit my mum in Henley and go for a walk along the River Thames with my sister

Already so much planned, but as the weather seems to be getting colder, maybe time to snuggle down and watch a movie or two together as well.

pumpkin 2009
I am so looking forward to this Half Term with Isabella, Anna and Edward, spending quality time with them all.
Max is off to Spain with his Grandparents for Half Term, lucky boy, hopefully the weather will still be lovely over there for them.

Do you make plans for school holidays?

What will you be doing this half term?

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