Brightlings Doll review

Brightlings Doll review

Isabella was sent a Purple Brightlings doll, by Spin Master to test out and review.


Brightlings Doll

Brightlings come in three lovely colours, Purple, Pink and Teal.

The dolls can say over 100 words.

They are quite interactive, very simple to use with only three main functions.

Pressing her hand to choose between, Play, Record or Music.

Once you have chosen which action, you then press a button located in her ear to record a message, which the Brightlings doll repeats.

Music you again press the button in her ear to choose from 6 different types of music:

  • Beat box
  • Jazz
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Yodel
  • Opera

To make the music speed up or slow down, you turn the doll sideways.

It is quite easy to use, once you have worked out about the three actions, then using the ear to make further choices.

Izzy really enjoys the doll, so much so, that she has said this is going on her Top 5 Toys for Christmas this year.

What I think is great about this doll, is that it is affordable rrp £29.99 it is not an over priced toy.

Keep a look out, as the Brightlings are sometimes reduced to £19.99 a huge bargain for a Top Christmas Toy.


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