This Christmas will be Different!

This Christmas will be different!

This Christmas will be different, for various reasons.

The main reason is, my children do not need so many gifts, so many plastic toys and electronics..

Is any one else tired of hearing that their children NEED everything on the adverts.

Television adverts have a lot to answer for!

This Christmas we are going back to Basics!

Christmas Planning Underway

Budget is going to be another key word, not something easily explained to little ones.

Christmas is about making smiles for others, celebrating all that we have.

Isabella turns 9 in December, she is requesting a mobile phone, an Xbox and a laptop is top of her wish list, she will not be getting them this year.

We will start new family traditions, like playing old fashioned board games, as the children are older, it should be good fun.

Planning ahead and letting the children help come up with ideas too.

I love Christmas and all the festivities, but the gift giving has got to change, I would like my children to learn about the joy of giving more.

This Christmas is about family, being creative, making our own gifts to give to our loved ones and each other.

The hardest bit, is going to be explaining this to my three little ones, as right now it is all about what they want.

Bring on the Festivities, the bright twinkling lights, the cheerful Christmas songs, got to love the food too.


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