Project Mc2 H2o Car #STEAMday

Project Mc2 H2o Car

#STEAMday is November 8th helping to inspire kids to explore and pursue their interests in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.


We were asked if we would like to test drive a fabulous sports car for #STEAMday!

Test Drive, our family love cars and I love driving of course, how could we say no.

It was no ordinary car, this is an amazing car, run on H2o (water to you and me).

If you are lucky enough to get Netflix, then there is a series on for children, called Project Mc2.

It is about four young ladies, McKeyla, Adrienne, Bryden, Camryn who are basically bright scientists, that double up as secret agents or spies.

They have a moto which is – ‘Smart is the new Cool’

It is a great show, sharing that girls can enjoy science, and mystery as much as boys do.

The H2O RC Car is a gorgeous red with a hint of pink sports car, used in one of the series.

It is run on water, and real steam comes out of the exhaust, it mesmerised my children.


We were sent the car for National S.T.E.A.M day, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

National STEAM day is a day to encourage all children to explore and pursue Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.

We found this car, a great starter in explaining to my children the basics of how an engine works and how steam is made.



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