Win a Thornton’s’ Chocolate Advent Calendar

Win a Thornton’s Chocolate Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar time, a reason to realise it is that time of year again, you know the word in our home we say with a whisper, but now can almost say it out loud, it is beginning to feel like Christmas.

I love, in fact I can speak for my children as well, we all LOVE CHRISTMAS and to start the festivities off, the children all receive a Chocolate advent calendar to help in the countdown until the 25th.

Advent Calendar

I have always felt a little left out, so have decided this year to join my children in the daily excitement of opening a new window and indulge in a delicious chocolate.

Advent Calendars should be for the whole family should they not?

You can even find ones for family pets, seriously you can, I am still considering if my cat’s Cookie & Annie would like to join in the fun, with a special one for cats.

I wonder how many adults are joining in this year, with the count down to Christmas, I know I will be and we might surprise a relative or two too.

We should all say, you are never too old for a calendar at this time of year.

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Christmas is coming,
The goose is getting fat
Please put a penny in the old man’s hat If you haven’t got a penny,
A ha’penny will do
If you haven’t got a ha’penny,
A farthing will do
If you haven’t got a farthing then
God bless you!



If you are not lucky in winning this competition, then why not have a look at Thornton’s website and treat yourself I bought myself one. There is a great offer on too, buy three for the price of two Thorntons

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333 thoughts on “Win a Thornton’s’ Chocolate Advent Calendar

  1. Wine and chocolate – something sweet to start my day and something nice to end it .

  2. The last couple of years I’ve had some with make-up in but I do still love them with chocolate in!

  3. I’m old-fashioned enough to love beautiful tiny Christmassy pictures behind my Advent calendar windows!

  4. If money were no object then I’d love an advent calendar where each day I got a piece of real gold and gemstone jewellery. That’s highly improbable, so I’d happily settle for some nice chocolates.

  5. A mixture of all my favourite things .. Chocolate, beauty products, perfume and candles

  6. My dream would be a Ferrero roche advent calander!! Not sure it would last the full countdown though……!! 🙂

  7. OOOH a mix of my favourite celebs? That would be amazing, but NOT LIKELY 🙂 Erm, chocolates and sweets would be great (MORE LIKELY) 🙂

  8. I really like chocolate ones. It wouldn’t be christmas without a chocolate calendar

  9. I would love a mixed one. So one day you get chocolate, the next some makeup, then some perfume ect so it’s a total surprise each day xx

  10. I’d love an advent calendar that contained a recipe card, & the ingredients for that nights dinner 🙂

  11. I would love an advent calendar filled with lovely little miniature perfume bottles!

  12. The best advent calendar I can think of would be one that has a book behind every door 😊 It would have to be a Big calendar though!!

  13. Lie ins (written while feeding a 5 month old) – not sure how it;d work but that’s merely a technicality

  14. A family size chocolate bar for each day and when it comes to Christmas Eve, a kingsize one 🙂 Not that I am obssessed with chocolate or anything 😉

  15. It would have to be chocolate!!
    I did have a body shop one a couple of years ago now and that was really good too!

  16. chocolate is a win, although I have always wanted to try a beauty one.They are out of my budget though

  17. Has to be chocolate 🙂 also the makeup revolution one looks fab 🙂 the kids have light up troll ones this year. I’d love one for me xx

  18. Ooh I would love an advent calendar full of different types and flavours of nuts 🙂

    Totally agree you’re never too old – my mum is in her 60s and I buy her a chocolate one every year! (and not even a posh one…)

  19. I would love an Advent Calendar full of chocolate and makeup – girl’s best friends!

  20. I would love a Cava, Champagne and Prosecco advent calendar!! That would be lovely!

  21. Wouldn’t it be great if your advent calendar was like an old Prospector’s mine where everyday you dug up a new precious stone or metal? 😉

  22. Chocolate, wine, gin, rum, bath bomb, make-up, nail varnish and some more chocolate ☺️

  23. I’ve already got a Sanctuary beauty advent calendar bought for this year so something chocolatey would be fantastic :o)

  24. I’d have white chocolate as you never see white chocolate calenders! Maybe a nice beer for the final one on the 24th!

  25. Lovely rich dark chocolate truffles would suit me – one every day for 25 days is bliss!

  26. Money, I think everyone would like to open a door to some free money waiting inside!

  27. I’d love an advent calendar with a little samples sizes of make up and/or perfume although tbh chocolate is just fine too 😛

  28. Little bottles of wine lol Oh, and a piece of a different kind of cheesecake each day.

  29. A big enough calendar to fit special friends who live far away. We miss them very much.

  30. crystals, earrings, scented candles, chocolate, crafting supplies – or a mix of these would be my ideal advent calendar

  31. My parents i lost them a long time ago. MY mum when i was a little girl and Christmas is never the same

  32. I’d have a calendar of those good truffle ones they took out of the celebration box!

  33. Books!! A different novel every day tailored to the reader! eg. historical for me 🙂

  34. I’m happy with a chocolate, though maybe an E calendar on my kindle with a whodunit story or new episode everyday would be fun. Okay, maybe that’s just me…

  35. New decorations for the tree, so that by Christmas you have a snazzy tree with lovely new decorations on!

  36. I’d love a mix of little beauty treats and of course there must be chocolate treats too.

  37. little bottles of vodka advents lol but to be opened at night not in the mornings x

  38. dolls house miniatures…I have a thing for them..dont actually own a house though or anything lol

  39. oooo I am always happy with chocolate but a gift card for Costa Coffee every day would be epic !!

  40. I like the increasing range of advent calendars. I’d like one that included beauty, chocolate and mini bottles of alcohol.

  41. A different treat for the family each day, chocolate, little trinkets, maybe a dog treat, aftershave etc. So that everyone was included.

  42. For a chocolate calendar I would love to find caramel chocolate and decent white chocolate. Non-chocolate – I’m quite taken with the idea of a liqueur one.

  43. My favourites. Maybe on one day my favourite chocolate and on another my favourite book.

  44. Some lovely scented candles and of course a daily chocolate (preferably milk chocolate!)

  45. i would love a top of the range make up advent calendar – make up is one thing i just couldn’t do without

  46. Makeup! So basically a beauty advent calendar. If I was rich I would have a Charlotte Tilbury one. 😀

  47. I like making jewellery so I’d like to find a different charm/bead so I can make a nice bracelet or earrings or even a bespoke Christmas decoration once the calendar was finished

  48. I’d love a mixture of things. Some days a lovely chocolate, some a luxury beauty product mini and some days something really sillly.

  49. My favourite chocolates are those with nuts so a ‘nutty’chocolate advent calendar would really tick all the boxes.

  50. id love an advent calender with home fragrances, candles, wax melts, burning oils 🙂

  51. Craft items, maybe something that you can add to each day to make something for the last day.

  52. A Lucky Penny Which Would Bring Me & My Family Luck All Through The Year Ahead 🙂 x

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