Best Boots Ever!

Best Boots Ever!


Best Boots Ever, are made by Hotter.

Seriously I tell no word of a lie, I have found them, after searching high and low.

After years of trying so many different brands and styles.

My feet are now the happiest they have ever been.

Best Boots in the World!

Best Boots in the World!

All thanks to Hotter a British family owned shoe makers, they started off by making slippers and I have only recently heard of them.

They were my Aunt’s favourite brand, even my mother knows about Hotter shoes and boots and owns a few pairs, so why did they not share the news with me.

I would be doing these boots no justice by not sharing my news.

These are the perfect boots!

Mystery Boots

Mystery Boots


I went along to the Hotter shop in Reading, after being invited along for the evening.

Curiosity and inquisitiveness had me visiting a store I had never stepped into before.

What a revelation, what a treasure trove, why had no one told me before!

Hearing how Hotter the shoe company started with slippers, now they make shoes as comfy as slippers.

We got to browse and look around, we could try on any shoe, so much choice, I was incredibly tempted by some short boots with the silkiest softest insides, but know I really could do with some proper boots for winter.


As the mystery boots glided onto my tired feet, it felt like coming home.

I suffer with Raynauld’s disease, which means in cold weather my hands and feet suffer from cold, so I am always looking out for comfort and warmth.

These boots felt wonderful, I actually loved them so much, I walked out in them.

So for three months, I have worn them, not occasionally but every single day, bar two days.

The mystery boots were on my feet as I walked what felt like all over Manchester, for 15 hours in total, I did not rush to take them off either on my return home.


Hotter Mystery Boots ready for Christmas

Hotter Mystery Boots ready for Christmas

I have worn these boots, morning, noon until late into the evening.


There is just one teeny tiny little complaint-

Dear Hotter Shoes, please, please consider making shoes and boots for children, they are that well made, fit so comfortably, that they would be just perfect for my children.


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