My Fairy Garden

My Fairy Garden

Do you believe in Fairies?

My Fairy Garden is a wonderful idea, for children to use their imaginations, but also to get involved with nature.








I remember loving fairies when I was younger, my daughter Isabella is no different, so like me in loving them.

This is a lovely set that comes with everything you will need, bar a little bit of soil.

Isabella thought this so lovely and could not wait to show her friends, the only problem was deciding where to keep it once complete.

It is recommended for ages 4 + and to be honest we think this is a great age guide.

I love that you can have it indoors or move it outside in sunshine, you know because Fairies love a bit of sunshine.

The RRP is £14.99 and we think this quite reasonable, as it comes with so much.


After creating the garden, there is now a wonderful website just for My Fairy Garden characters.

If you would like to learn all about the different Fairies then visit My Fairy Garden

You can play games, learn the Fairies names, how old they are and what they like.

There is a lot to discover on the website, so much fun and games, also shows the latest additions to the collection.

I personally love the idea of these and so wish they had been available when I was younger, but nothing stopping me now enjoying them with my daughter.

Isabella now would like to collect some more of the Fairies, she is creating a secret garden on our allotment.

We look forward to building, I mean totally Isabella is looking forward to building her collection up.

My Fairy Garden Products are available from many stockists, but are by Interplay and available on line via them.

I personally think these are great gift ideas for all ages and we heartily recommend them.







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