Story Cards Competition

Story Cards

Story Cards are a brilliant yet simple concept.

I was not sure my children would enjoy them, but they really got stuck into them and asked to take them in the car on the way to school.

Having children of different ages is sometimes a struggle to find something educational that they can all enjoy at the same time.

These cards tick so many boxes, even I enjoy Story time with these, as the stories we all make between us are unique and full of new adventures.

My youngest is 6 years old and still struggles to read, having these cards means his brilliant imagination can get going without having to worry about reading from a book.

We all take it in turns to take part in a story, from taking 3 different cards each, to taking 6 from the assorted sets.

There is 6 different colour sets, which makes it easier to chose from having different topics, so one set could be action, another people, another might be items to help the story get going on an adventure.

I love that these are so colourful, bright, but not overly complicated for little ones, my daughter who is 9 years old, loves creating stories as much as the others.

I would heartily recommend this as a family game to be honest, less arguing over what story to read at bedtime, and more lets all join in and make our own stories together as a family or two different teams also works.

From one pack of cards, you can have limitless fun.

I was delighted to hear my children’s tales, I think these would be ideal not only at home, but also ideal for travelling too.

We were sent these to try out, but also sent another set of the Fantasy Story Cards and the Adventure Story Cards to offer in a Competition, so enter below for your chance to own this fab set.

Fantasy Cards are made by BrainBox

Cards are priced at a very reasonable £4.99 each pack, so an ideal child’s gift





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7 thoughts on “Story Cards Competition

  1. These look brilliant. I think they would be great as a learning aid in school to get the children using their imagination and would also help on their writing of stories. I think I need to invest in these

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