Jet Rocket by Air Hogs

Jet Rocket by Air Hogs.

Jet Rocket by Air hogs.

We have in the past tried a few different types, of air born rockets and to be totally honest, we were thinking that this would be lovely to test, but did not hold out much hope of it being different to the ones we had previously had, how wrong we were!


This is like no other Air powered toy that we have tried, the range that the rocket flies into the air is amazing, even I at forty six years young enjoyed trying it out. On the packaging, it does say it can reach heights of up to 35 to 40 feet.

It is very straight forward to assemble out of the box.

Such a simple, yet effective design, made of light weight materials, so you can take it out and about with you, if you go to the park or for a walk, go on holiday, to the beach, then why not pack this, for hours of entertainment all the family can join in with.

The neighbour’s children all lined up to have ago, thinking they could make it go higher than ever, in fact we all made it fly into the air, even without much effort on the foot pump.

The advantage of this, is that no batteries are needed, you need to be outside enjoying the fresh air, something I have at times struggled to get my children to do, but with this Jet Rocket, they will race to go outside to have fun with it.

The rocket, is made super sturdy, no matter how many times it was launched, it came down totally in tact on what ever surface we were near, on the gravel, concrete paths and of course grass.

This is such a lovely idea, to buy for your family or to give as a gift, I would highly recommend it.

I have found it online for the price of £9.99 on Amazon and it is supplied by the great toy company Spin Master.


The only negative point I would like to add, is that I wish it came with two rockets, my children have had so much fun, that at the moment the rocket is on top of our house, I am waiting for the windy weather to bring it down, but a bonus of the design we found, is that you do not have to always use the clever rocket that it comes with, we have discovered that nerf type bullets are able to slot into the grey tube and it still makes them soar into the air.



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